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Wepa! I got my SATO the Puerto Rican dog bandana to represent here in Connecticut and he gets compliments EVERYWHERE we go!

Alexandra P.

We love going to the beach on the weekends and we usually go with his LICK bandanas because they dry up extremely fast!

Kevin R.

I've been a licker for a while, but the thing that gets me to shop constantly is the fresh new designs and the free stickers on every order lol

Stephanie M.

The Paw Balm is a must have item! Literally worked miracles on my little Milo and it not only smells great they can also lick it.

Nilsa C.

I've been obsessed with this store since I discovered them through Instagram, very creative and inspiring, but specially cute.

Valeria P.

It's shipped fast and my pup loves it, she knows we are going to the park every time I put a bandana on her. Highly recommended!

Claudia C.


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