How To Prepare In Case Of An Emergency (Earthquake, Hurricane, etc.)

Part of being a responsible Licker parent is having a pet emergency kit. Having an emergency backpack filled with necessary documents and supplies can help ensure our lickers stay safe in a unexpected disaster that may involve flooding, downed power lines or earthquakes. Most importantly keep your pet emergency kit up to date.

Here’s how to prepare you and your pet for an emergency. Please read carefully the list provided by the ASPCA.

  • Canned/dry food (7+ days’ worth) and collapsible feeding bowls
  • Bottled water (3-7 days’ worth)
  • Spare collar/harness with ID tag, rabies tag, and a leash
  • Folding crate or pet carrier
  • Blanket or bedding
  • Photocopy and/or USB drive of health records and your vet’s contact info. It’s also a smart idea to have current photos of your pets in case you get separated.

Hope everyone stays safe during this period and if any licker needs something in particular or help, feel free to contact us and we will help in any way possible.