How Can You Use Our Adoption Platform? (Easy To Use)

How Can You Use Our Adoption Platform? (Easy To Use)

Adopting a pet can be a fun adventure and it can now be done with the power of your fingertips. Remember to do your research before adopting a pet. You need to make sure that you find a pet that can adapt to your environment and surroundings, including your lifestyle. Aside from the research and other important stuff that needs to be done before adopting your future best friend, we want to talk about our new platform called "Adopt Powered by". We created this feature on our website that can also be made into an app in your home screen, allowing you to adopt or publish a pet for adoption in a few simple steps.

How To Use The Platform?

You can use the app to publish a pet you have rescued and is available for adoption OR You can search the available pets and adopt them through the platform.

Here are the steps on how to publish a dog on "Adopt Powered by LICKco:

Step One: Upload a recent picture of the pet.

Step Two: Add the location of where the pet is currently located.

Step Three: Add your contact information for potential adopters.

Step Four: Share on all your social medias, you can also notify LICKco of your post so we can use our audience to notify of the new pet.

Over the last two years the world has seen the unsustainable growth rate of animals in shelters. According to the Humane Society there 8 to 12 million dogs, cats, puppies and kittens being euthanized because they lack the resources needed to keep these shelters running. You can be the change by just spreading the word about adoption and urging friends and family to give it a try!

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