Steps to Improve Quality of Life for Pet Owners in Puerto Rico

There are several steps that Puerto Rico could take to improve the quality of life for pet owners: Increase access to veterinary care: By increasing access...

Jan 19 2023
Post by Jean Marcel Correa

The Origin of "Satos" and their importance in Puerto Rico (Must Read)

"Satos" are mixed-breed dogs that are commonly found in Puerto Rico. They are not purebreds, but rather a mix of various breeds. They are often found...

Jan 18 2023
Post by Jean Marcel Correa

Should You Create Your Dog A TikTok?

Creating a TikTok account for your dog can be a fun way to share their personality and antics with a wider audience, but there are also...

Jan 17 2023
Post by Jean Marcel Correa

Difference between Service Dog and Emotional Support Dog

Service dogs and emotional support dogs both play important roles in helping individuals with various needs, but they have distinct differences in terms of their training,...

Jan 16 2023
Post by Jean Marcel Correa

5 Reasons You Should Walk Your Dog

Physical exercise: Regular walks provide dogs with the necessary physical exercise they need to maintain a healthy weight and strong muscles. This can help prevent obesity,...

Jan 15 2023
Post by Jean Marcel Correa

How To Keep Your Pup Safe During Summer Time? 2021 Edition

Llegó la temporada favorita de todos: ¡VERANO! La mejor parte del año es cuando sacamos tiempo para ir con nuestro Licker a aprovechar todo lo que...

May 10 2021
Post by Jean Marcel Correa

Isla Del Encanto - Inspiración Detrás de Nuestra Bandana (Puerto Rico)

La bandana de la Isla del Encanto es una de nuestras “top pick”, por razones obvias: Describe lo que es ser parte de nuestro paraíso, Puerto...

May 04 2021
Post by Jean Marcel Correa

The LICKER Guide On How To Create A Pet Instagram Account

Creating a pet Instagram account is possibly the most heartwarming experience you can do as a pet parent. It’s not only an opportunity to show the...

Jan 14 2020
Post by Valerie Herrans

How Can You Use Our Adoption Platform? (Easy To Use)

Adopting a pet can be a fun adventure and it can now be done with the power of your fingertips. Remember to do your research before adopting...

Jan 09 2020
Post by Valerie Herrans

How To Prepare In Case Of An Emergency (Earthquake, Hurricane, etc.)

Part of being a responsible Licker parent is having a pet emergency kit. Having an emergency backpack filled with necessary documents and supplies can help ensure...

Jan 07 2020
Post by Valerie Herrans

Tips On Keeping Pets Safe During Fireworks

Happy Pawlidays LICKERS!   The holidays can be especially exciting for our lickers; from crowded parties, to toxic foods, loud fireworks, we've got some tips on...

Jan 02 2020
Post by Valerie Herrans